Local Student Among 4 Canadians In International Science Fair

AnamYesterday the Regional Finalists in the 3rd Annual Google Science Fair were announced. This premiere International Science Fair brings the best and the brightest together from all across the globe. And joining these bright minds of the future is Fort McMurray’s very own Anam Rizvi. Rizvi recently won a silver medal at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, a competition of the top 500 young scientists from across Canada. Her project, Automating the Diagnosis of Heart Conditions, received a great reception at the CWSF and Rizvi also received accolades from professionals in the medical industry. The Wood Buffalo Youth Science Foundation Board wishes Rizvi best of luck as she makes history as the first person from Fort McMurray to represent our region and our country at an International Competition.

The Google Science Fair consists of a pre-selection of 90 Regional Finalists. Next, the field is widdled down to the top 15 Global Finalists. These finalists will be announced on June 27th.

More information on Anam’s Project

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Media Release from Youth Science Canada

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Thank You For Another Great Year!

Team Wood Buffalo has just returned from the 52nd annual Canada-Wide Science Fair in Lethbridge Alberta with precious medals! All of our finalists came home with a medal! Heli Patel and Ashlesha Deshpande and Maithili Udupa each won a bronze medal. Anam Rizvi returned home with a silver. See their prize monies and the project descriptions below. The team of 4 from Westwood Community High School met other participants from across the country and around the world as they showcased their projects which were the best of the 2013 Wood Buffalo Regional Science Fair. The group also took in science workshops, facility tours and other engaging activities on the University of Lethbridge campus all under the supervision of their delegates Vicki Dawe and Corey Conroy from the board of the WBYSF.

On tour day, the group toured around the main attractions of southern Alberta with only one minor setback – a 2 hour break down delay on the side of the road. But we made the best of it! We visited the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre – a very awesome treat, Waterton Lakes National Park and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. All in all an exhausting yet very enriching day! Congratulations to team Wood Buffalo and a huge heartfelt thank you to our sponsors and partners for their amazing support!


Anam Rizvi

Excellence Award – Senior – Silver Medal $300
Dalhousie University Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship $2,500
UBC Science (Vancouver) Entrance Award $2,000
University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship $2,000
Western University Scholarship $2,000

Total $8,800

Project: This project investigates an alternate method of determining abnormalities in the electrical impulses of the heart. Instead of using an ECG which maps the electrical impulses as a function of time, I look at how the different frequencies present can represent different abnormalities. I then take the patterns I have found and input them into MATlab in order to automize the diagnosis.


Ashlesha Deshpande & Heli Patel

Excellence Award – Senior – Bronze Medal $100
University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship $1,000
Western University Scholarship $1,000

Total $2,100

Project: The relationship between gender, age, and ethnicity of voters on the gender, age, and ethnicity of candidates was examined using a preferential voting system, without the use of political agendas. It was expected that these three factors would demonstrate a strong influence on the preferences of voters with respect to candidate selection.


Maithili Udupa

Excellence Award – Senior – Bronze Medal $100
University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship $1,000
Western University Scholarship $1,000

Total $2,100

Project: The purpose of this project is to describe the influence of pre-pregnancy physical activity on gestational weight gain among women with different pre-pregnancy BMIs. Physical activity data was separated into four distinct dimensions (work, sports, leisure and total) to find specific links between the rigorousness of the activity performed and weight gain. Maintaining a healthy exercise regime is essential prior to one’s pregnancy.

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